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Club Information


• To encourage and promote the breeding of Shetland sheepdogs that possess good health and quality, as defined by the breed standard approved by the American Shetland Sheepdog Association and the American Kennel Club.

• To urge members and breeders to accept the standard of the breed as approved by the American Shetland Sheepdog Association and the American Kennel Club as the only standard of excellence by which Shetland Sheepdogs shall be judged.

• To do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed by encouraging good sportsmanship at club or other events.

Becoming a Club Member

• We welcome anyone with a love for or curiosity about Shetland sheepdogs!  If this is you, we invite you 

   to attend several meetings or club events to get to know our members and to see what we are about.

• One way for prospective members to become familiar with the club and it's members is to consider
   joining the CKSSC-L list on Yahoo Groups. The CKSSC-L is a list maintained for the exclusive use of
   the members of the Central Kentucky Shetland Sheepdog Club.  It provides several methods of
   communication between the members concerning matters of interest to the other members and
   pertaining to the functions of the club.  If you are considering becoming a member of the CKSSC,      
   please contact the CKSSC-L Group Moderator and request to be added to the list for a limited time to

   see if this club is for you.

• Prospective  members should get to know the club members by attending at least two meetings prior to 
  submitting an application.

  Prospective members should familiarize themselves with the club’s purpose and code of  ethics.

  After attending at least two meetings, prospective members should submit a fully completed application
   with one year’s membership dues. 

  Two  members in good standing of the club who know the applicant must endorse applications.  The

   endorsers will provide the applicant with pertinent club information and guidance.

  Upon election by the club. new members will be notified by the secretary or membership chair and will

   receive club documents. They will be placed on the regular mailing list for any CKSSC correspondence
   such as club newsletters,which contains notifications of meetings/club events, etc.. In addition, they will

   also be placed on our Yahoo Group CKSSC Internet List.


Meeting Times and Locations

• General meetings are open to anyone with an interest in Shetland Sheepdogs.

• General meetings are held monthly and the location varies.  The date, time and place of the meeting will
   be announced on our Yahoo Groups Internet List.
Activity Venues


• Many of the club’s members enjoy their Shelties as members of the family and enjoy the fellowship of the
   club and learning more about the breed.

• The club’s members participate in many differing venues.
• The Lexington Kennel Club is an All Breed Club licensed by AKC for Conformation and Obedience.
• The Bluegrass Herding Group Club is for all breeds in the herding group and has a primary emphasis on

• Some members participate in Conformation events.
• Some members participate in Junior Showmanship events
• Some members participate in Obedience events.
• Some members participate in Rally events.
• Some members participate in Agility events.
• Some members participate in Tracking events and even help in water retrieving events.
• Many members have achieved Canine Good Citizenship Certificates with their dogs.
• Some members have trained Therapy dogs.


Club Events

• Fun Matches

• Show “n” Goes
• Grooming Clinics
• Annual Sheltie Fall Fun Day
• Annual Christmas Party
• Blessing of the Animals
• Handling clinics
• Numerous educational video tape presentations

For more information about joining our club

please contact our membership chairperson

Nancy Runyon at​​


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